What is PromoStandards?*

PromoStandards is a dedicated group of distributors, suppliers, and service provider visionaries committed to improving supply chain efficiency in the promotional products industry. The group creates and publishes integration standards that assist trading partners to electronically integrate for more efficient transactions and supply chain.

PromoStandards work with any ERP or database if you know how to build them. You can sync your ERP or database with ASI, Distributor Central, SageMember, or ESP. PromoStandards includes:

Inventory Availability

Order Status

Order Shipment

Product Data

Product Media

Product Pricing

Purchase Orders


How to automate PromoStandards data?

Manual data entry is slow and laborious and introduces unnecessary and time-consuming inaccuracies (Click here to see what is the actual cost of not using automation). Stop being overwhelmed by entering data manually and still having an inaccurate inventory, order, shipment, product data, etc. Automate your processes and create time to focus on your core business.

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If your company works with any of ASI, SageMember, Distributor Central or ESP, you  should publish your inventory according to PromoStandards APIs. CreateAnAPI is your assistant with automated data transfer and provides you ready-to-use plugins for these platforms:

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* To view the technical specifications or learn more about these services please visit: PromoStandards.org